Charles Powell

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Deanna –

Victim Location 80817

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was on ziprecruiter, as many look for employment on that website. Soon after I filled my resume out, I was contacted about a professional artist needing my assistance. I thought it sounded like

It, because that’s what I applied for. Later learned it was a scam, the person sent me a $4,950.00 check, and asked me to change money around to this persons benefit.

Cara –

Victim Location 96713

Type of a scam Employment

They texted me using the name Charles Powell..from 916 750 [email protected] he had a shopper job for me with walmart and money gram. ..and that they would send me a package with the fees etc..that I shouldn’t use my own money. Gave me instructions on the shop….but a few words were misplaced which also made me think…improper wording is not a secret shopper thing.

They said the fee for the shop woukd be $250….which was also a warning I haven’t seen any the high priced. I did not reply to the email so did not receive any package.



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