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Krista –

Total money lost $266

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company offers a "free trail" "just pay shipping and handling" which isn’t true. Once you sign up they charge your credit card for the full amount of the products which is totally crazy! The prices are insane and they just go ahead and charge you every month. The website also changes products to sell you. You actually sign up for a monthly membership without knowing it!

Brian –

Total money lost $139

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They say they are promoting a product so you only need to pay shipping. Then two weeks later they charge you $139.

Kristine –

Total money lost $5.26

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A few days ago I was surfing for local news media when I stumbled on a page advertising Chantel St Claire anti-wrinkle cream. It claimed two women, Dr. Lauren Miller and Sarah Thompson PhD, turned down a $15 million investment from the Canadian show Dragon’s Den and then went on to become a $100 million dollar company.

The page had a long URL: <span title="… />
After I made a purchase of their trial offer cream, I tried to search the Dragon’s Den episodes posted on CBC but found no such cream advertised. That was when I became suspicious. My search led me to another page with a similarly long URL:

<span title="… />
Exact same presentation, but this time, it claimed the cream was called Image Revive Anti-Aging Serum, and the two women were Korean sisters, Angela and Yoojin Kim.

I reported this to CBC that sponsored the show. Then, it occurred to me if this company was so bold to involve Dragon’s Den in its misrepresentation, what was to keep it from including the American version, Shark Tank?

Sure enough, after a simple search, I found yet another page with two other names on it — two Korean women by the names of Sarah Lee and Christina Chang. This time, the story checked out, as they really did appear on NBC Shark Tank Season 7 December 4, 2015 episode netting a deal with Shark Tank.

The photo of the Korean "sisters" Angela and Yoojin on the second URL that advertised the Anti-Aging Serum, is actually a photo of Sarah Lee and Christina Chang. I would not be surprised if the first two falsified ads were from the one and same Chantel St Claire source, since they both claimed a connection with Dragon’s Den and they both shared the same demonstration videos of how their cream would reverse aging.



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