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Larry –

Victim Location 98208

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went looking for the *** website, in order to submit a change-of-address form. I thought I was at the *** website, though later I found out I was at I’m not sure how I got there, but if I go to directly I do not recognize the logo, so I suspect they may have had a page impersonating the ***? I have changed my address through ***┬ámultiple times in the last several years, and they charge about $1 to confirm your identity through your credit card. However, charged nearly $80 for the same service. They claim that they also add you to the international do-not-call list, and can somehow reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, but the amount of the charge was not readily apparent when signing up.

Once I realized that it was not the *** I called to cancel the request. They said since they already submitted the change of address information on my behalf, they could not cancel the order but could refund me for half. So I was only scammed $40 instead of $80, but I honestly thought I was using the same form at ***.com as I had in previous years and was expecting a charge of only $1.



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