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Shane –

Victim Location 94553

Total money lost $1,800

Type of a scam Online Purchase


This is my story: I saved $2,500, for when I got my Certificate in Baking and Pastry at my community college, I have wanted to puchase a pure breed shih tzu puppy. So after doing some research online I found the puppy I wanted. I sent an e-mail, went to sleep, the next morning I had a response, with the response I was given some questions-"to see if I was a canidate to adopt a puppy named Spencee- an imperal (tiny) shih tzu." I filled out the questioneer, and sent it back. Well of course I was a good canidate, so the man sent to me the purchase info and how to make the payment. $500 for the puppy, shipping puppy $free $50 for to my door delivery. No problem. The following afternoon, my daughter and I went and sent $550 Walmart to Walmart, took a picture of the receipt, sent it to Donald Wande, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Instantly he responded and told me he was going to book a flight for the next morning, and my puppy was going to be delivered to my house by 7pm the following night. So excited, slept awesome, got up to an e-mail saying he booked the flight and I was going to be receiving an email from the company he uses to ship the puppys, I was going to have to [censored]firm my address and receive my puppy tracking number. Yayayay! So thats what I did. Only to receive an e-mail from Pacific Pet Movers telling me that I forgot to get puppy insurance to ensure my puppy was delivered happy and healthy, at which time I would receive the $950 back. Before I sent any more money I sent back a reply stating thisshould have been brought up before all this, cuz I wouldn’t have gone through with the purchase. Then I sent $950 to the pet movers. A little while later, I received another e-mail, telling me they are refusing to board the puppy because he was too small, now I needed to by a special create to transport the puppy in and it’s only gonna cost me $850, which is refundable when the puppy is delivered to me. I said HELL NO- I got no more money and I just want my money back. Then Donald Wande said he and his wife would cover the create cost for me, he would book the flight in the AM, and let me know. I took off from work on Friday to get the house puppy proofed. I called on the phone about 9 AM, cuz I hadn’t heard anything, The person who answered, I said "I’m calling about spencer", the person on the phone, said, " yes Spencer is available", I blew a gasket and said, " I know your suppose to ship him to me this morning", and suddenly, he can’t hear me.

I got pissed and we did this a couple times, I had to go some where to cool down. While I was gone he called me to say his wife just left to book flight, and will send an e-mail for confirmation again, all I could say at that time is -"you better" Oh yeah he didn’t call cuz his son got into an accident that morning. Bull[censored]! The money pisses me off, I work hard for it, but I’m feeling it in the way of My graduation money and I got nothing for it. What don’t I deserve a graduation reward. The very worst, I’m to embarrassed to tell anyone, my husband has no idea the money I lost. Below is a picture of Spencer. The dog I paid for but never saw the dog.



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