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Gabriel –

Victim Location 65616

Type of a scam Home Improvement

You are mailed a free steak dinner. At the presentation, Darryl or Darren scares the hell out of elderly folks. He lies about other alarms not working especially multi-function ones. Says he won’t talk about money…that he never gets a commission…is doing this as information only out of the kindness if his heart. Later he comes to your house and begins installing his high end alarms talking non-stop, with permission only from someone who lives in your house. Says you will only be paying 38.00 per month. Yeah, for the rest of your life!!! Thousands of dollars and 20% interest!! His employee Brent texted me by accident about some problem of another customer. I called him names and asked how he decided on a career based on lies and deception. Here is salesman Brent Johnson’s response:Someone left this number on our caller ID, and IT must be "Your" stupid kid. BTW… B**t [censored]r… I have saved 17 "confirmed recorded and verified yes 17 lives in the 11 years I’ve been with the company, and I’ve NEVER ripped ANYONE off. So take your head outta your a** and pay attention to the truth. It’s out there. And then p*** off ignorant [censored]!!!(Nice huh?)



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