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Brandi –

Victim Location 85310

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was on amazon trying to buy myself a birthday present and I wanted a autographed mini helmet of my favorite player on the Rams, Torry Holt. When I received the item I noticed that it did not come with a CoA to show that the autograph is real. All that was left was a thin paper saying that they said it was. I’ve been in the signature buying busines enough to know that’s not right. So I emailed them asking where the CoA was that they promised in the item description. There reply was, "The certificate doesn’t make the item authentic the autograph does. The coa we issue was professionally designed and we sell thousands of items without complaint. If you would like to return it feel free. We have no issues taking it back. Let us know. Thanks" how can you sell any item without it being certified by a certified person or business and also send proof of that to the buyer?? Also the item came in a ziplock bag. I messed them my concern with no proof that the item was signed by this player, there response was, "So you’re saying they can forge a signature but not print a coa? A coa is no different then someone saying something is real. We obtained the item in person, it’s accompanied with our coa which is satisfactory to thousands of customers a year. If you don’t feel comfortable with the purchase feel free to send the item back and we would be happy to have a refund issued. If you choose to keep it feel free to send it to a third party authenticator if you like. It will pass authenticity without question. Any other questions let me know. Thanks for your time" again anyone can forge a signature and then send it in a bag.



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