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Shannon –

Victim Location 39355

Type of a scam Employment

Found job offer in town in free newspaper seemed odd no contact number or mail box,so went to website job offer they had listing in paper and online they mention offer time is limited and if you paid for the set up kit you get 13.00 off in next three days then price goes up states you will loose nothing you will get money back after you start mailing out envolope’s yet again no mail box address or phone number to contact anyone no name of anyone to contact anyone.put they want you to pay money out ahead by credit card information .

Katrina –

Victim Location 35115

Type of a scam Employment

I have read through the information on this website and another called www.MyHomeIncomeNow55.com and they are mirror worded images only with differing pictures. Both sites ask for a ‘modest’ start up fee which as anyone knows one should Never have to pay their Boss to start working for Them, it is the other way around. An additional google search of these sites shows the websites are due to expire in 2 months and little can be found about either company. They are trying to piggy back on the goodname of a Uk based paper goods company in business since 1992.



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