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Kristine –

Victim Location 30311

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Investment

I started an investment Realty Company and receive correspondence from Central Business lending or funding to set me up with hard loans and they were supposed to set up my business credit score and the website and stay in contact with me for lenders for at least two years and I would pay them $100 a month through a designated debit or credit card I paid $1,000 and shortly after or three months in they could not get me loans like they promised and it seemed like they were lost and playing games or didn’t know what was going on from there I really didn’t take them serious but I continue to make the payments because of the contract I signed with them hoping to go for a year and establishing the company and being in a better position to get loans somehow my debit card stop taking the payments well they couldn’t collect and they turned me in to collections but when I tried to call the number to the original business Central Business lending for funding it doesn’t exist anymore but yet this collection agency is trying to get me to make payments this is scam they didn’t do anything that said they were going to do after the business credit score setting up the website and they supposed to continue to help me find lenders and they didn’t hadn’t heard from Central Business funding since and can’t contact them please help



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