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Zachary –

Victim Location 28081

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received blocked call to several different family members even in different states regarding a lawsuit. Called the number back and they asked if I could verify some information (the last 4 of my social.) They stated the call was related to the County Processing and they attempted to serve papers. They were going to begin garnishing wages to collect the debt from 2010- which is completely false information. They also told a family member that they had a warrant out. They spoke about 1 debt and then started making up other debts. They tried to use scare tactics when in fact they got scared themselves when my wife spoke up. The guy hung up. Do not give them any information!!

Bryan –

Victim Location 21207

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called me and told me I was getting sued, a bank levy and judgement was going to be filed against me. They knew my personal information including my full SSN.

Luis –

Victim Location 11225

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Someone called me from a block number and told me I had to call this number because I was being sued.

They had my personal information



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