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Andrew –

Victim Location 72701

Type of a scam Phishing

Said my name was on a CDFI claims list. (I provided a false name) all I needed to do was give them my name, address phone etc.etc. Asked to contact; Christopher Colagross in El PasoTexas 79910. Money to be sent Western Union

Meredith –

Victim Location 30014

Total money lost $596

Type of a scam Government Grant

I thought I was contacted by a friend on Facebook informing me about this CDFI Government Grant. She claimed to have received 200,000.00 and asked me if I had heard of it. I said no and she sent me all the information to check into it. I went to the website listed above and it looked legitimate. So I contacted Agent Montise and they contacted me back asking me questions. I answered the questions and waited. They sent me information back: AIM: SHDPD, REP REFF NO: BE6006/854281805 BATCH NO: 283070001. Seemed very professional. They also sent me information to Western Union: to: Avery Messer, City: Waynesville, State: North Carolina, Zip Code: 28786. We got a contact around 1:35 asking if we sent the money because I emailed at 9:35 and stated we sent the money. I guess it was not there when they went to get it the first time. We sent them 550 plus 46 for taxes and fees. We were promised 250,000.000. I was told that UPS would be delivering the money around 6:30pm and to make sure I was home and that the information they sent me was kept private. At one point they asked if I was home and when I replied yes we are home, I got an email back asking me who we are.

When the money did not come when they stated, After 6:30pm I tried contacting them and got no reply at first. Then an hour and a half later they contacted me and said UPS is having issues delivering. I then contacted my friend and found out that I had not been speaking to her for the past two days and she did not know anything. We realized then we were scammed. We contacting the police,, Western Union, Facebook, and Verizon to let them know of the scam.



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