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Oscar –

Victim Location 78613

Type of a scam Employment

Offer seems too good to be true. $3200/month to inspect & re-package items to be forwarded to another address. Stolen goods? Using stolen credit cards? At the end of the letter, they ask for employee information and a copy of my i.d. Do they try to obtain credit cards under my name, using my info, have it shipped to me and then I willingly forward it to another address? Then they find a reason to terminate before paying first months wages? This is the second one of these in two months. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but even if I got 100 packages in a month, that’s still $32/ Package. They have a website, but they’ve only been in business for 2 months according to

Tamara –

Victim Location 88130

Type of a scam Other

I received and email in June 2018 from CCNP to do work at home unpacking/repacking packages/boxes. The would send me a package or box and I had to unpack them and take pictures, put the tracking no and item discription/condition to CCNP. They send me prepaid labels and address and reship them. My salary would be $3,200 at the end of the month; I was to get paid August 23, 2018.

Megan –

Victim Location 44212

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email saying they pulled my resume from a job site for a work at home base job being a quality examiner for CCNP-insurance. it’s $3200 monthly based salary and the job included them sending the item, having to check to see if the items are OK for resale. Once checked, you would send them a couple pictures and a report of the item and they would send you another label to ship the item out. After researching the company their phone number and email address [email protected] on website and “contract” they sent me doesn’t work. I Questioned that, and they replied at 4am? that it does work and there might be a problem and will check into it. I’ve since tried it, still not working. The phone goes straight to a voicemail, not saying anything like, “thank you for calling CCNP insurance”. I also searched their company address and found the building that they say they are in, but company not listed as a business in that building? They had sent me 2 packages to be “inspected” so far and for one I received the new label to send it out to an address in New Jersey on Markley St to Meest US. After researching this address it looks like it has been tied to different scams where fraudulently purchased goods are sent here to be sent out overseas. And the phone number on the fedex label includes a number that doesn’t exist for Meest Us. Meest US does have a website with a different number but I didn’t try to call and they are rated as an F by the BBB for multiple problems and complaints. That company address on Markley is also is under another name of Abaline Supply. No money had been exchanged as it says there is a 30 day probationary period before you are hired on fully and receive a paycheck. I haven’t given them any bank account information or my ssn at all. They do have a copy of my drivers license that I sent in with signed “contract” for the job. All seemed legitimate as I posted my resume online and they contacted me. I haven’t heard of these reshipping scams before and as I researched this more, a lot of red flags were raised. I still have product and they sent me a label to send out the product, but I don’t want to be tied to this anymore as it is a bad business and a scam. I still have all emails from these people as well. It’s scary how they go to lengths to make this all seem like a real job by even creating a website for their insurance business. I told them I don’t want to be part of it and I’ve researched the “business” and didn’t feel comfortable receiving and sending products. I said further shipments will be refused. They had replied back stating I singed the contract and I must give 5 days notice and I must send out product that was received or I can be held liable by the courts to pay back cost of goods that i received and didn’t ship out, even if package was refused I would still have to pay. They were very persistent and seem very professional in their emails. Very sad and scary.



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