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Roberto –

Victim Location 46163

Type of a scam Employment

I did submit an application on line to CBRE Group for employment. I was contacted on a 10/6/17 after 5pm to do an interview from a Whitley Collins in Los Angeles. I needed to use my gmail account and accept his invitation from the Google Hangout. We then proceeded with what I thought was a valid interview for about an hour. I told him I wanted to think about the job offer and would get back to him on Monday. I looked up the company and his name to verify he was an employee of the firm. Then on Saturday morning I was contacted again. I decided to accept the position and was informed I would be supplied with a MacBook and Programs to work from home for this position. Then the story changed and I was going to be sent a check to deposit into my bank account for the purchase of the items. The list of programs were very similiar and didn’t make sense for one company to be using two different programs to do the same function. I also did not like the idea of depositing the check into my account as then he would have all my information without him asking me for it. The story continued to change. I tried calling the offices but have never heard from anyone in the office. I find it amazing the the CBRE Group would not want to know about a scammer using their employees name to do this. I was sent the check and have not opened it as I do not believe this is a valid employment opportunity.



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