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Shana –

Victim Location 34769

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a trial period of their products that ended up being subpar and caused health and digestive issues after just one day! Tried to cancel during trial period but no one ever answered phone, or if they did answer, would hang up on you. Those who did answer had very hard accents to understand and would always hang up when you got to the part of asking them to cancel the order and asking for the method to refund the unsatisfactory product. It wasn’t until after their "trial period" ended did someone stay on the phone long enough to cancel the future shipments–supposedly, but, again, hung up on me when I asked how to get a refund. They are total scammers. How many hundreds, thousands of people have they done this to? So sad! So disgusting! They hide behind different names. The name they used when I ordered was CBH Express but to post complaint I found out they are under another name. Another sign of scammers–changing names, etc., to keep gouging you! Stay away from them!



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