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Rebekah –

Victim Location 70043

Total money lost $69.95

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I saw an add in December on Twitter that featured an article about the new Bill and Malinda Gates foundation CBD oil company. I got caught by the same scam as many others. I paid about $12 dollars for free trial offer of CBD oil and capsules. I did receive product, oil tastes like spoiled hay, capsules are filled with an oil, same taste. Of course fine print, (which I looked carefully for but didn’t see) stated I was automatically enrolled in subscription if I didn’t cancel within 14 days. Received another box, with no invoice, a month later with oil inside. Hmmm, no invoice. No company name, just a phone number. Did some research and discovered ongoing lawsuits against companies using Bill’s name. So I called the number and asked what the name of the company was. By the time I was done with the call I had 4 different names: Multiple Natural Supplements, CBD Oil, Hemptis, and Refined Beauty Now (which appeared on my bank statement. The person I first spoke with couldn’t find my name, or email address, yada yada. So I gave her my order number and she immediately bumped me up to her ‘supervisor’ who had all the legal jargon committed to memory. I thanked her for scamming me, asked why she would work for a dishonest company and managed to her to commit to a 25% refund. Yup, I’m sure that will show up in my mailbox, along with the promised invoice canceling my subscription. Shame on me.



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