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Victim Location 80202

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted on LinkedIn for a business opportunity. Catherine Martin messaged me asking what my bandwidth was with my current job and that she was seeking my marketing consultant services. I met her for coffee so she could meet me and "see if she liked me, and tell me more about her business". During this coffee session, the scammer told me virtually nothing about her business, instead probed me with personal and professional questions. One that stood out to me, and was a huge red flag, was "Have you ever had unconventional income resources?" My response was, "what do you mean by that?" She responded, "You know, like a pyramid scheme?". Of course, I said absolutely not. She handed me the book "Rich dad, Poor dad" and said her business was modeled after it. At this point, I had a firm understanding that this was not a meeting about my marketing consulting services, but bait to get sucked into a series of scheme-y seminars. Being an intelligent, educated, and well-rounded street smart person, I was polite, but was not planning on meeting with this woman again. She then rudely texted me, borderline harassment with the number of phone calls, when I did not want to meet with her again. I would not take a meeting with Catherine Martin if I were you, she is a complete waste of time and a total scammer. Linkedin should really ban her, since she doesn’t belong on a professional network, from being a scam artist to lacking any ounce of professionalism.



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