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Bethany –

Victim Location 44199

Type of a scam Employment

I received a work at home job offer from "Catherine Jacobs" who said she found my resume on Career Builder and to reply if I am interested. I did reply indicating I was. She replied offering me a Payment Processor position with no experience required. The way it works is that they will route payments to you from their "clients" in the form of checks to your mailing address. You are to then deposit the checks in your bank account. Then you are to withdraw the money and put it on a Reload it Pack and email them the scratch off codes on the back of the packs minus the fees you earned and Reload it Pack purchase fee. They promise to pay you a beginning monthly salary of $3500.00 in addition to the per check processed fee you earn ($165.00/check) and a haste dividend (up to $165.00/check depending on time you took to process the check (24/36/48 hours, pays $165/$105/$65 respectively). You deduct these fees from the check you receive and send them the remaining balance via the Reload it Pack. The company they claim to represent is STILLE which is a surgical supply company in Sweden. STILLE has a website, but no information about Payment Processor. The email sender has an extension on their email address of "". The contacts on the STILLE website uses "". Looks like a scam. Too good to be true and not verifyable. Documents I received are attached. I have not sent any money to them.



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