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Tony –

Victim Location 55303

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Had three emails sent to me yesterday two of them were sent at the same time 1/20/16 at 0951 one was sent by [email protected] and

[email protected]

The third one was sent to me at 1/20/16 at 1004 sent by [email protected] all the emails that were sent read the same

You’re Behind on Bills

You have bill collectors hounding you, you can at least rest easy that the IRS won’t hand your check over to most creditors as garnishment, however we are holding on to your Tax Return for the moment, unless you clear the two outstanding bills that are going to judgment.

You have any questions, email me back.

Cash Net America

The heading on top said

Hold on tax return

Elizabeth –

Victim Location 15236

Type of a scam Debt Collections

From: Frederick- Cash Net America <[email protected]>

Date: January 6, 2016 at 6:04:07 AM PST

To: Frederick- Cash Net America <[email protected]>

Subject: Case Downloaded

Legal charges will be filed today due to non-payment and you will soon receive the court papers.

Thanks Again.

Shana –

Victim Location 55303

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Three emails at the exact same time 0803 1/6/2016 from same company but three different people Scott,Sharon and [email protected]

Legal charges will be filed today due to non-payment and you will soon receive the court papers.

Thanks Again.

Does not say what it is for. Does not say when it took place. Does not have a name to who it’s for.

Claudia –

Victim Location 92194

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received the following email: "Dear Debtor,

The case will be downloaded on Tuesday (October 27th,2015) and you will be soon served with the court papers due to non-payment after so many reminders and notification.

Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier to download the legal case against you and we did not received any prompt response from your end to set up payment and it seems apparent that you have chosen to ignore all your efforts to contact us in order to resolve your debt and delinquent account. At this point you have made your intentions clear and leave us no choice but to protect our interest in this matter.

The lender is filing charges against you. Now, this means few things for you. If you are under any state probation or payroll we need to inform your superior manager what you have done in the past and what would be the consequences once the case has been downloaded and executed in your name.

We have the entire rights to inform your employer about this situation, garnish your wages and freeze your bank accounts.

You are hereby further advised that if payment of $759.45 is not received before the end of the day today, suit in small claims court may be commenced against you forthwith and without further notice for the amount indicated above. Instead of small claims court, this matter may be referred to our attorney for suit in municipal court.

We believe that this was not your intent and that these steps are unnecessary. If you want to avoid the situation you have to come up with the amount today, so we can dismiss the case and mark the account as paid in full. Let us know ASAP.

For any questions and concerns, do get back to us so that we can help you with a solution if indeed you want to get rid of the consequences. You can e-mail us back.

Thanks for being our customer,

Legal Representative

Cash Net America"

I have never taken a personal loan or any loan from this company so that is simply impossible. Even so, an email from what is clearly a junk mail/spam without any information as to the circumstances, even my name, or the name of the attorney is clearly not proper service. The entire attempt is ridiculous and it is frightening how aggressive these scammers have become, Email sender was:"[email protected]

Thank you,

*** * ***



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