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Michael –

Victim Location 46515

Type of a scam Debt Collections

we receive multiple emails saying that we owed money and that we had 2 days to pay it or my husband would be arrested and we would be sued. They wanted the money sent person to person through money gram. Thank goodness for my tech savvy son who first was able to figure out that the building these people were saying they were located in was not only empty but up for sale. They also could not speak English very well as far as their typing went. They tried to sound business like by giving me docket numbers that weren’t real and then they had an "associate" email me also but then that person put a different amount owed. Which just red flagged them more. Please make sure you read your rights when it comes to anyone trying to collect a debt before you proceed in paying any debt. These people went by the name Roger Kruse and Rick Shaw and said they were with Cash Advanced Inc but they wanted me to send the money to a Brandon Frazier in Arizona. I am grateful that all they received was a picture my son attached that shows a picture loading but nothing ever happens. Hopefully that will keep them busy for awhile so they cant scam so many other hard working Americans out there.



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