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Lawrence –

Victim Location 37311

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by them stating that they had found my resume from career builder and they would love for me to go to work for them. We proceeded, background check, I-9 paperwork, copy of Drivers lic. everything that you would fill out for a normal job. After everything was approved including the background check we were good to start. Gave me web protal link for me to go onto and sign on. Had to sign on daily from 9-5 weekends off and an hour lunch which I rarely took. Supposed to have been processing invoices and pmts to vendors from customers for antique car parts. 3 week probationary period and then supposed to get first check. Check day came and guess what no check deposited to my account. So glad that I was smart about all this and opened a seperate account for this as well as froze my credit after a week or so due to being really slow not doing a lot and mainly just having to stay logged on. Diana O’Neil was the recruiter email name and Susan Bryant was my supervisors name. The pic attached is the web portal and supervisors profile.

Colleen –

Victim Location 44203

Type of a scam Employment

I am on multiple job boards, and this email contacted me, offering me a job and asked for the i-9 to be filled out, along with employment agreement, and background check. Then they ask for a 2017 w4 form, and to fill out banking paperwork. They say the customers put the money into your account, 50% upfront and 50% when the order is recieved. You are supposed to use this to pay the vendor. It doesn’t sound very legit, and the BBB has it marked as unsafe.

Preston –

Victim Location 17361

Type of a scam Employment

They contact you with an offer of employment requiring personal info including a W-9. The business address shows no company by that name and a search for the company produces nothing.



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