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Alisha –

Victim Location 44137

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Someone called me and said I qualified to lower my interest rate on my credit card, he knew which cards I held and verified info on my cards and when I confirmed my information he said I don’t qualify (after he told me he called me because I qualify) and when I tried asking him questions he hung up on me never to answer again. I asked him why he would lower my interest rate willingly and he said because they have been losing customers due to the high interest rate. I’m so nervous now!! Did he take my info and is he going to steal my identity? Will he take my money from my cards?! Plus he kept insisting that I have another card and I kept telling him I only have 2 credit cards. He kept saying his records show a third Visa card and he wanted to know the balance. I feel so dumb now for believing anything he said and that anyone would want to lower my interest rate. Please look into this



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