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Autumn –

Victim Location 94107

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received a call at 9:15 this morning. It was a robocall that offered reduction of interest rate to select #9. The caller spoke really fast and offered me a help; kept blessing me for being a good credit card person. I tried to get off the phone, but he insisted that he was from Experian, Danny Marshall indian man, , and was rewarding me for my good credit standing. After I stupidly gave him my credit card numbers ( worried now).. he transferred me to his manager, John Briggs for this amazing promotional opportunity. ONe where he’d save me thousands of dollars (8400), but that I’d have to pay 50% of it to assure me he’d be saving me money. I got my whits about myself and said I needed time to think about it. I researched the company and found the scam issue. When he called I said I was not interested and that I’d contact the bank myself to negotiate a lower interest rate. He got irate and said I should call the bank while he was on the phone to see that they’d refuse it. When I stopped the scam pitch, he said call now "dumb bitch!" When I hung up the phone he proceeded to call me 5 times from different phone numbers because I blocked all the numbers that he was using to call me. Most numbers were from unknown callers, but two were from Mountain View in CA and the other from Madisson, WI. I am so mad at myself for providing personal information knowing it was a mistake. Now I have to contact my creditors to cancel my cards. this is a pain in the butt!



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