Capital One Fast Cash

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Walter –

Victim Location 44273

Total money lost $370

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I initially received a phone call from the number 1-786-453-9297 EXT: 300 from a loan officer claiming to be a part of Capital One Fast Cash he said his name is Jeffery Glover, I’ve went through loan companies before and never had an issue so I thought it was legit. He told me I had been pre-approved for a $4500 loan and that he would e-mail me from [email protected] with the loan agreement that I could read over, sign and return back to him. He said once I signed and returned I would then need to purchase a My Vanilla Debit Card and load $90 on it to cover the fee which I would then receive back with my loan 12/11 but that it may be delayed because it was after 7 pm, he also told me I am eligible for a $10,000 grant that I could apply for as well. He called me today and I had asked where my $4500 was he replied "I thought you wanted to apply for the grant" I said yes so he told me he would need me to purchase another My Vanilla Debit Card and load $280 onto that one and that I would also receive the amount back along with my $90 from the other card into my bank account by midnight, which I unfortunately gave him. Upon waiting I googled the company and came across the internet site Ripoff Report where there were several reports made across the country involving the same amount of money, I then re-read the "loan agreement" and noticed misspelled words, the address says Miami, FL instead of Cutler Bay, FL and it is signed with only a first name.

Victoria –

Victim Location 60615

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They offered to give me loan me $5000 dollars and I would pay it off $168 monthly for 36 months. They had me put 80 on a card and told me they would put it on there then tried to have me put 200 more on. I called the card and I can not access it.

Neil –

Victim Location 27480

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Consumer reported that he received an email from Capital One Fast Cash about a loan. Consumer responded back as interested. He was then called and said he was approved for a $4500 loan and he would need to pay $90 for fees before the money was released. He was instructed to get a money card from Walgreens and call back with the card number. The consumer was promised that the $90 would be reimbursed when the fees were deposited in his checking account. Consumer decided to check out company before providing banking account information.



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