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Matthew –

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Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received an email from Capital Collections, LLC, on 9 Apr 2018 saying they had bought an outstanding debt from a tech support company (US Technical Solutions) and were going to send a negative payment report to the credit bureaus if I didn’t pay $649.99 to settle the debt. I contacted them immediately to ask about the debt. "Frank" said on 24 Oct 2014 I had agreed to a 2-year tech support service for anti-malwear. I told him I had not and asked him to send me any written info he had. He agreed and emailed an Xcel sheet that showed Howard Phillips of flatechgroup had performed maintenance on my computer. When I insisted I did not agree to any 2-year contract, he stated "these companies are known for putting in secret softwear and charging customers for services." I told him I’d get back with him the next day after I had located my documentation (I keep a copy of everything). Frank indicated I needed to pay the debt or my file would be sent to the credit bureaus and it would negative impact my credit.

The next day, I called Frank again to ask for more information regarding the alleged debt. I told him I had searched my records and found no documentation showing I had agreed to the service and no billing from the alleged servicing company. Frank indicated he had reduced the debt by several hundred dollars and only needed me to pay $649.99 to receive a termination of debt letter. He also said if I did not pay he would have to immediately turn my failure to pay over to the credit bureaus. Later in the day, I received an email thanking me for agreeing to pay.

Today I informed Frank via email that I had NOT agreed to pay the alleged debt, that I had repeatedly stated I had not authorized this service and that the call was only to obtain information regarding the alleged debt and procedures the collection agency use to recover or reduce the alleged debt.

Last night I did a lot of internet searches and found multiple complaints regarding this SCAM. I talked with a lawyer who advised me to file a complaint with the BBB, State Attorney General, and send a registered letter to Capital Collections telling them I was disputing this alleged debt. I also found no evidence that Capital Collections is a BBB company as their email indicates.

It’s sad that these people exist. Please don’t get scammed.



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