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Christy –

Victim Location 54208

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I had an anti-virus installed on my computer for a one time charge of $200 in 2015. I have two emails confirming this and no other email contact from the company. The company was calling multiple times in late 2017 early 2018 to make an update to my computer. I questioned them as to why when it said my service was expired and they hung up on me. Received a phone call from Jay Smith at Administrative Closings and Collections, LLC Capital Administration Center, LLC stating that

Consumer has failed to make a total of 3 quarterly payments as detailed below:


Initial Payment – $149.99 – 05/29/2015

Quarterly Installments for Anti-Malware Services – $149.99

Missed Payments – 3

Installments Owed – $449.99

Late Fees Assessed – $66.66 (x3)

Total Fees – $200.00

Total Owed – $649.99

Malware & Virus Protection Services – Inactive (2 Year Plan)

If Applicable: To discontinue services, the full balance of $649.99 must be paid immediately. Please call (888) 918-4678 or reply to this email to settle the debt obtained.

He stated that the company emailed me statements and probably had my agreement on a recorded call. When I tried to contact the company using the phone numbers, websites and email addresses provided in my receipts from 2015 they were all non-existent or brought me to a call center for a beauty product.

Jay stated that he could waive the $200 in extra fees if I agreed to make the payment.



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