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Colin –

Victim Location 13493

Type of a scam Tech Support

I bought a new printer this week and today I kept getting an error message it was offline. I could not find the problem, so I did a google search for Canon support number. Included a screen shot.

This Indonesian man named Williams had me test out my printer, turn it on and off. Unplug it and plug it back in and that did not work. He then said I needed to download LogMeIn so he could assist me with my problem. I did and I he gave me a code to put in to connect us. I remember asking are you sure you are from Canon and he said Yes Mam. I watched him in my computer explaining that I have a virus and showing my my drivers were disabled. He said a tech could fix it and install an internet security to my computer. At that point I said are you going to charge me for this and he said yes. I then was very skeptical. I asked him to get out of my computer and that I would take my computer to a local technition to fix the problem. He said was out and I got off the phone with him.

I then noticed my mouse moving by itself again. So I called the number back and asked if this was canon support and was told yes it is. I rebooted my computer and again he was in there controlling my computer. Not letting me do a virus scan or any program on my computer or shut down the program he was using to hyjack my computer with. I called back and then asked for a manager and to have them tell Willams to stop controlling my computer but they then hung up on me.

I ended up locking my screen and pushing ctrl alt del and ending the task so I could gain control of my computer back.

I think Google should not allow scam numbers like this in their search. Or provide an option to report it as a scam so they can look at it and remove it.

Crystal –

Victim Location 91362

Type of a scam Tech Support

i was looking for help with my canon printer on a live chat and was given a phone number to call. When i called i was hung up on and called back. The Canon man named "J*** M***" with an Indian accent told me to give control of my computer one the website above by giving me 5 different support codes. I felt like he was not legitimate so called Canon USA again where i finally spoke with a professional. He said that hackers will do that to gain control of the computer then demand a credit card number for payment for helping. I’m hoping you track this company down as he was very persistent and keeps calling my house.

the support key codes they gave me were 808591650 and 2842030333



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