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Lisa –

Total money lost $699

Type of a scam Government Grant

I completed an online form for grant writing assistance information, *** @ CGBC called me and we discussed the type of grant that I am looking for.

I completed the online form listed on the Canadian Grants Business Center website, I then received a phone call from *** to discuss the type of Federal & Provincial grant that I am looking for; specifically Technical, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence grants for women in the technical field. I asked *** to call me back on Wednesday Feb.20.19. On Wednesday *** called me back and I specifically asked *** "are there either federal or provincial grants available for women in Tech?". *** said yes, and I specifically asked "I am ONLY interested in the grants that I specified – for women in Tech. I also require assistance with writing the grant". ***  guaranteed me that I did QUALIFY for the Federal and Provincial grants that I was looking for and that she herself would be my ‘agent’ that would assist me with actually writing the grant application. ***  said "after you receive the grant information, you must apply for 1-Grant, 1-Loan, 1-Tax Credit. That is the criteria that they specified for the grant/loan/credit application process, then send me your Business Plan and we will write the application together. I agreed, *** transferred me to ‘accounts payable’ and I e-transfered $699.00 to "[email protected]". I would have preferred a credit card transaction but they said "they don’t take credit cards". Later Wednesday afternoon I received an email from [email protected] containing 3 documents – a receipt, a Business Plan Guide, and a 813 page list of ALL FEDERAL & PROVINCIAL grants available in Canada. All of this information can be accessed on the government site. I called *** on Friday Feb.22.19 and requested my money back as this is completely useless to me and it is not what *** and I discussed. *** said "I will send you an email confirming your refund by end of day". I never received that email and called *** back Monday Feb.25.19. I had to call 1-888-231-0075 SIXTEEN times and I also called 1-877-383-3987 SIX times before somebody answered. *** answered the phone, I said "Kay, this is L??? L?????. You never emailed me on Friday". *** asked what our conversation was on Friday and I reiterated the conversation and expectations that were discussed on Friday Feb.22.19. *** said "she did send a request to accounts payable", I interrupted her and asked if she could cc that request to me. *** got very defensive and said "No, that’s not what I said, I said I would send you the refund policy". I told her I didn’t receive that either. I told *** again that I want my money back as nothing you sent me is what we discussed. I don’t need a Business Plan guide – I already told you I have a prepared Business Plan, you also guaranteed that I qualified for the specific grants that we discussed on Wednesday. I told *** that everybody has access to the grants on the government website. I don’t need a ‘book’ of every grant available. *** cut me off several times saying that she will send the request to ‘accounts payable’ and I asked for their email or phone number to which *** said they "don’t have an email and they don’t have a phone number". *** said all calls come thru the 1-877 number on the website. I repeated that I want a refund of $699 in the next 3 business days as this material is not what we had discussed and that I would be contacting the and *** said "go ahead, we’ve been in business 16 years – your complaint means nothing" and she hung up the phone. As I was writing this complaint, the Canadian Grants Business Center called, it was "***" who was very reluctant to give me her name. she said she was a "consultant", my refund of $699 would be reversed in 4 – 5 business days. Since I paid by e-transfer, someone from ‘accounts payable’ would contact me with the security question & answer. I asked who would be calling and after asking for a name 3 times, *** said "it could be *** who calls you back with the security question & answer information". So I will see if I get my money back by Friday ***I did receive my money back.

Albert –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted by a friend on Facebook through private message asking if I’d heard of this business and I should check it out. When I googled the grant business there was an application for a small business owner. I filled it out and was contacted saying I was eligible for a large grant but I had to pay $600 first.



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