Caller ID said “Wireless Caller”

Check Caller ID said “Wireless Caller” reviews to see if it is legit.

Neil –

Victim Location 74944

Type of a scam Phishing

!t 4:17 pm on March 19, 2017 a recorded business sounding female voice asked "Is this (my name)? If this is (my name) please say ‘yes’". I said yes thinking it was a business call. She said to stay on the line and someone would be with me shortly, I waited, but the call was disconnected. Then I realized this must be a scam. One reason I answered the call was that the number was similar to a relative’s number.

The question below asks if I lost money. As of one hours after this call I am not aware of any loss of money, so I will check no since and answer is required.



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