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Terry –

Victim Location 12571

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief



Call from MI, 313-218-4386.

Recording states my credit card interest rate is expiring and I need to discuss this press 1. It is true- my 0% Citi card introductory rate is expiring. A man with an Indian accent named, "Chris Gabriel" said he works for the and gave me a ID# of BB94371. He stated we were chosen by the BBB to receive a break on our interest rate because we always pay on time, or early and pay more than the minimum payment due, credit score higher than 680- all true. He asked to verify my cc acct. # I told him he should know that and he began stating federal protection laws- which is all true. I had to verify the number so he knew it was the correct account since he knew I had more than one. He told me the offer was for both my VISA and MC. Both had been 0%. The MC I don’t use for years because the interest rate went up- he knew. He was congratulatory and rewarding from the BBB interceding with the Citi Bank and giving us a fair interest rate- not true. BUT, I gave him more information! He asked me what was on my Citi Bank card statement in terms of the rates and how they would be changing so he could calculate what my new rate would be. He was stalling for time. He knew both of the credit cards I have. One I haven’t used in years because the interest rate went up so high. He said he would give us a break on that one too. He asked for the complete # as verification. I would not give it to him. He said he needed 12 and the CSC or he could not verify the account to reduce the interest rate. He turned it around on me. You want the low rate- it is up to you to verify for me! Slick! He told me my rate would be locked at 0% for as long as I continued to not miss any payments and paid at least the minimum amount due. I asked him to send it all to me on email. He hung up on me abruptly. I canceled my cards immediately.

This was one was really GOOD. I trust the BBB and that is how I got roped in.



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