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Timothy –

Victim Location 32903

Total money lost $53,000

Type of a scam Employment

PLEASE WARN: I have been looking for a job and I received an email from a person with a numerical email and the job has a numerical title. The first company to send this to me made it sound completely legit. I had to complete a contact, then complete some PDF documents that described the role of the job, all the while I am being told that I would be receiving a nice salary. I didn’t realize it was a scam because they made it sound so real, it wasn’t until they asked me to purchase gift cards on my credit card. Obviously, this would seem like a red flag, but the website looked professional, and my contract and promise of a W2 both made the company seem trustworthy. I also checked on the Better BB and the company did not register as a scam on their website.

After receiving my first transfer of funds to my credit card, I sent the gift card numbers to this Oskar. I did reach out to my bank’s fraud department as well to confirm that the funds were received. What I now know, is that the funds will post to your credit card, the bank will tell you the funds have processed, but THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE MONEY IS THERE. I was told that the money was credited to my card but it was never actually received from the other bank. So after 53K of gift cards, 45 emails confirming the money was sent to my account, both by the scammer (who is extremely knowledgeable on banks protocols) and by my bank, who have now put a special prosecutor in charge of my case, I am being held accountable to pay back the 53K that was stolen from me. My advice, if the offer is vague, doesn’t specify an online job board, or says a "career site" ignore the job. Also, if you type in the name of the person and it shows up as a deceased person along with others, it is probably a scam, the last bit, is if the job is given without a secondary interview, no W2 received prior to making purchases, or if the email address is not yahoo or google or another that you recognize and trust, assume it is a scam.



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