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Mallory –

Victim Location 45011

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a phone call back in August. The phone number comes up on the ID as "Survey." And a man named Taylor called me, and said he could help me lower all my bank credit cards to 0. He didn’t say anything about getting a different bank to help me, it was like my banks that he was going to go through to get a 0 interest credit with them. Then I’m almost positive I told him each bank account I had, I had three ***bank credit cards and two with ***. I was very negative about the deal and he kept pressuring me and pressuring me, and that I was save a lot of money, thousands and thousands of dollars. They would lower my interest to 0 on each of these accounts, and so then he started talking to you want this and that, and I was tired at the same, I must have verbally approved to do this. And then he contacted my credit cards, he called them and we were on a three way line, and he talked to these people about lowering my interest rate to 0, and they couldn’t do that. I am pretty sure he called almost every one. And there was no approval on anything as far as lowering my interest. So, then that is about all I remember, until they started calling last night (12/15/15). And I talked to them and I didn’t remember at first, and then he said, yeah, yeah you talked to me back in August, and I said are you with ** Bank, because I have talked to them and they are not going to lower my interest rate. And he said, well, I have worked real hard on this, and now I have Bank of America and Capital One that’s going to give you 0 interest and pay off your credit card. And our fee will be charged to them. And I said, I don’t want you to do anything. I said, I don’t want to change credit card companies. And he said, well, you have to to lower this. I told him, I get letters everyday from banks, telling me that I can transfer, but I don’t want to do that. I said, I get letters all the time approving me. I don’t need you to do that, I want to stay with my accounts. Then he said, well you have to, you made a verbal agreement with me, for me to do this for you back in August. And I said, forget it honey, I don’t want it now, you’ve taken this long. And then he said, this verbal agreement, this is a no cancellation agreement, and then he started getting really mad. And then I said, forget my number my name, I’m not dealing with you anymore. Then he wanted me to speak with a man named Michael. And he got on the phone immediately, and Michael started telling why would I not want 0 interest. I said, well what you say you’ve done I could do myself, I know that. I don’t want your business, and I am not transferring anything. Then he said, that I had verbally agreement to a no cancellation contract. Then he said, to quit talking mean to him, and that he wasn’t talking mean to me. And I said, I can’t help it. Over the whole conversation, I said I am getting really upset I am not well. I don’t want to deal with this no more, just please leave me alone, leave me alone. And he said, they would get their fee, because they could charge it to my charge card. And I said, you better not, and I said I will call the and the Attorney General. Then he said, I could tell anybody I wanted to because they could still get their money from my credit card. And I said, you better not, please leave me alone, please leave me alone. And then he hung up on me. 

Then I got another phone call from a woman named Linda. I asked her what the name of company was. She screamed it, and I told her I’m sorry I didn’t understand. Then she screamed it again, and said what don’t you understand. I think she said CAC. And she said there was no way out of this, that they had a recording of me letting them do this for me. And I said I don’t care, I don’t care what you do. Because what you are doing I can do for myself. Then she said, we will ruin your credit, we will call all three credit bureaus and report you and then she said, and we can get our money. And I said, I don’t care what you do, who you report me to, and you better not touch my credit cards. And I was screaming at her, please leave me alone. And I heard her say, she hung up on me, but I hadn’t hung up. Then she hung up. So I waited and calmed down and called the number back, and it was busy. Then after awhile there was no connection (maybe out of service) around 9p.m.



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