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Billy –

Victim Location 91913

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

C & C Classic Cars & Transportation is not a legitimate business. The seller, Peter Rosso, offers classis automobiles for sale but, in fact, he does not own any vehicles and has set up a false store front hoping to dupe people into sending him money for cars that don’t exist. I called Mr. Rosso about a car he was offering for sale as the price seem to at least 50% under valued for the condition and options he claimed. After discussing the vehicle with him, I came to realize he really knew nothing about the car and that the ad was definitely "too good to be true". I also asked him about transporting the vehicle – he quoted me $300 from Idaho to Southern California – again, ridiculously underpriced. HE also offered a "7 Day, Money Back Guarantee – including Shipping Charges". Again, unheard of in the industry. After we hung up, I sent Mr. Rosso an email indicating that I was flying to his Idaho address to inspect the vehicle (I was not planning on doing so) and I have never heard back from him. This is most definitely a scam.

Brandi –

Victim Location 95370

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw a very nice classic car on autotrader.com so I contacted the seller which said private seller. That was the first red flag. Contacted several times before getting response. Finally a man named Peter Rosso got back to me. He said he had the car advertised through other outlets and asked if I was serious and if I would like listings removed. I was very interested in the vehicle since it was a great value for the exact car I was looking for. He said he would remove the listings right away which should have been my second red flag. He sent additional photos and asked if I was interested in buying the car. I told him yes and he sent a sales order and wanted half the money upfront. The other half I would pay on delivery.I almost lost my money today if it wasn’t for the nice ladies at the bank. They suggested I go to B of A which was his bank and have them verify the account which they did. I gave them a cashier check and deposited it. I got a call an hour before the bank closed stating that I should not submit this check into his bank account. It was fairly new account and a large amount under the circumstances. Additionally I called the chamber of commerce in Kellog ID. to ask about a business in their town before I could finish my sentence she said,"You must be calling about cc classic cars and transport".She said that they have received quite a few calls regarding this business. She even provided an FBI website to use for reporting this guy. I almost lost 20k today. Thought I should warn some other people just in case.

Latasha –

Victim Location 08215

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw an internet ad for a 1963 Chrysler Imperial convertible for $29.900. The name in the ad to contact was Peter G. Rosso, Sales Representative for C & C Classic Cars & Transport located in Kellogg ID. E-mailed and called and spoke to a man with a heavy accent who said the car was beautiful with everything working. He sent 30 pics of "the car" via e-mail. I offered him $27,000 and he accepted and said he would e-mail me paperwork explaining how to make the purchase. I e-mailed and called back numerous times when nothing came. In my message I told them I would send someone to inspect the car. Never received any return e-mails or calls. When you call the number you get a voice mail message from a woman also with an accent. After days of no response checked with ScamPulse.com and found other scams by Rosso related to selling of cars, RV’s and boats by the seller’s name, Peter G Rosso. Luckily never sent any money or signed anything as after I told them I was sending someone to see the car, never heard again from them. My appraiser did tell me he looked them up and their was an office at that address with some cars but not a showroom or anything that resembled a dealership. They should be shut down!



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