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Sergio –

Victim Location 30188

Type of a scam Employment

The company called me about a Project Management position with their company offering 84K a year. I checked out their website which was there and working but not as elaborate as their competition. I did a background on their phone which was a landline in New York but the landline was registered to another shipping company called Max Shipping which also has a website which is better and more along the lines of the other shipping companies. I checked with the State of New York Corporate Division and they were not registered but they said to check with the Clerk of the Court of New York where all companies must register to work in New York including all shipping companies and they were not there. I searched their IP address and found their servers are out of the Ukraine which is not where they do business, according to their website, even though they are an international shipping company. I have been talking to these people for a month, taking training and today they are giving me a special project. They don’t want any of my information but are going to give me theirs so I can put a payment on my charge card to pay for things they are going to have me buy. They are sending me their banking information.



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