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Monique –

Victim Location 21220

Total money lost $1,826

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email, offering me a part time, work from home job. I inquired about it and asked for specific details to what my responsibilities would be. I was told this is a company in the Medical Supplies company in the UK, which turns out to be truthful, I verified by goggling the company name, I even called ScamPulse.com and I was told that this company wasn’t found in the system which can be a good thing, that no one reported anything g negative towards the company. My position included working from home a few house using a computer, and account and a reload it card. my understanding of this position was to receive payment from businesses inn the USA that have ordered items from Avensys put it into my account so that it would clear faster, because it was in the same state that the purchaser lived in. After I received the check for the amount that was previously reveled to me in an email, I was to put it into an account and as it clears send transfer the amount to a Reload It Card and keep 10% as my payment.

I received 2 checks on Thursday, I put it in my account Friday it cleared on Saturday, I transferred the $$ on Saturday and on Tuesday Bank of America contacted me about a fraudulent check and that I now owe the bank.

I have called the reload it card to see if the $$ was taken out the account and of course it had, the only information the offered me was, with a police subpoena, they would be able to expose the name, address, and identification of the person who opened the initial account with reload it.

I proceeded to take the following steps to remedy the situation by reporting it to the police, the bank, bbb, credit bureaus.



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