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Victor –

Victim Location 13625

Type of a scam Other

I call Toyota Financial Services 800 number and this woman came on the line who I thought was helping me with my loan. I became suspicious when she said to call her at her "direct" number and when in calling her back her voice mail just said "This is Holly leave a message". And they would not allow me the option to wire my payment, they needed a check. The paperwork came and there was no mention of Toyota Financial Services, no job title under her name. I should have stopped there but I did not. Over the holiday I really became suspicious and so called TFS this morning. They have never heard of Auto Finance Specialists out of Barrington, IL and they suggested I stop payment immediately which I just did. Thank God but still they now have my license number and auto insurance card. Ugh! And this is the Holidays! I have alerted my bank for any suspicious behavior. And am filing as many complaints as I can.



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