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Zachary –

Victim Location 90048

Type of a scam Employment

CLICK N SHIP came from Ryan Walker in Orlando Florida. Check for $1,770 from United Bank and remitter is Andrew Synder Parkersburg, WV26101

AUDITOR SERVICE 1st assignment as a survey analyst/store evaluator.

Must be completed within 72 hours. Signed by William Millot Auditor Service with a number (657) 666-8256, which is is CALIFORNIA.

Email: [email protected]

Documents were all SHREDDED!

Christina –

Victim Location 53405

Total money lost $1,550

Type of a scam Employment

Email sent to advise of an employment opportunity to do audit of Walmart store’s. Fill out form and wait for your election as a candidate to earn income. Check arrives in mail for $1,870.00, of which $300.00 was to be used for personal income. Audit a Walmart store and purchase items as directed by the audit service company. Subsequent purchase of items had to be photographed and sent via email. Purchases of $1,550.00 were made and checks written from the deposited check of $1,870. That check then bounced and we lost the $1,550.00.

Amy –

Victim Location 63042

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This company solicited me through email to hire me as a mystery shopper. They sent legitimate looking information along with instructions on how to evaluate your assignment and a check for $1880.00. I was told to deposit the money in my bank, keep $300 for my fee and notify them only through email and text when I made the deposit. I did what I was asked, completed the assignment and found out two days later that my bank said the check bounced and my account was completely drained to cover the bounced check. I am held responsible and have to pay the money back to the bank. This “company” of course isn’t responding to any emails or texts so I knew immediately I had been scammed.



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