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Dominique –

Victim Location 35739

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I’m writing to report a scam in hopes that the community can be notified to prevent anyone from falling for the scam as my elderly grandmother almost did yesterday. She received a call from someone pretending to be my husband. She stated the caller knew his name and said not to tell me he called because he was in trouble and wanted to tell me face to face later. The caller advised they had been in a wreck on the way to work, truck was totaled, and an elderly lady was taken to hospital. He was arrested for hit and run although he was only moving his truck out of the way. He stated that he called into work and he needed his blood pressure medicine. (This caller seemed to know some personal info to reel her in.)

Luckily, my uncle happened to arrive at my grandmother’s house and she handed him the phone, but the caller put an "attorney" on the phone instead. He said his name was David Marcus and money had to be sent within 30 minutes. My uncle advised they would take money to courthouse, but would not wire any money. The "attorney" stated it had to be within 30 minutes. He gave call back number 212-539-0448 to call once the money was being sent. My uncle grew suspicious. Someone finally called me and I was able to reach my husband at work and confirm that it was indeed a scam.



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