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Henry –

Victim Location 62854

Type of a scam Tech Support

I contacted this number to let them know they sent this to wrong person or someone is trying to scam me ..I don’t have at&t my husband does we have lived at our places for over 6yrs mail box was here when we moved in.. it says claim is for same address different town from where we live nothing has been dug or att outside called to talk to someone when the lady answered i told her everything and told her it must be a mix up or something she asked for claims number i told her and she then stated that it is a true claim for damange and someone must of just put wrong town on accident and asked how i was going to pay.. i retold her that no one has dug and no at&t works have been here in years that if claim number is right it is for some else not me or my location.. she asked me for more information to retell her my address my phone number any account numbers.. thinking that it truely was at&t and just mix up gave it to her. then she said i’ll take this information and send it to someone and paused i said are you sending me to talk to someone now she said no i said this is a big deal and how i’m i to know she isnt scamming me that asking for over 2,000 that i needed it taken care of now and want to speak to a manager she said i that they can’t help me and i have to wait i said if i can not speak to a manger about this i’m going to call att u verse where my husband has an account and call better business she got mad and told me to F…. call themi said i will and hung up.. called att u verse told them everything she looked it up and that she has nothing on myself or husband and that i need to throw papers away that its a scam and that she will report it on our account about it and told me i should call better business to have them check into it more which i did.



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