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Chase –

Victim Location 30337

Total money lost $186.56

Type of a scam Employment

AtlantParcel found me on and ask me if I would like to apply for a part-time position in being a Merchant Agent. I agree to the job offering and was send a contract and information for my identification and home or working address for the job. My manager Juliya Jenkins provide me with my a contact to work and ask for personal information to get started. I give the information and start receiving work from the company. For 30 day the company email and contract me about the assignments. after the last shipment 4 days before I was about to get paid the company stop send emails, change their number, and took me out of their database at It has been since Monday I was suppose to get pay 940.00 and now I’m in the negative of 186.56 for shipping charges on the items I had pick up for the company. Please be aware of the mailing site for work at home families this is my second one I work for within two month without getting payed. I put me back in more debt but I have faith that someone will stop the company soon.



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