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Sheila –

Victim Location 43217

Type of a scam Employment

Too good to be true! I was offered a position for a manager in Columbus, OH for this company that was expanding into this area. They sent me daily training manuals and tested me weekly. I was asked to do some "side" work for them using my credit cards and withdrawing money from their account and would get paid $400 USD per week to do this. Couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. I still received training materials for the 4 weeks and a final comprehensive test to complete my training.

They are good at this. I received signed contracts and even phone calls regarding this position. I expect to receive a notice that another candidate has been selected for the position, thus completing the con.

Gregory –

Victim Location 60098

Type of a scam Employment

Received an offer for employment from Atlantic Logistics. The company claimed to be international so I tried to contact some of the foreign email addresses none of which existed. Looked up the addresses provided on street view no evidence that they occupy the space (I.e signage). As part of my training they instructed me to make a purchase for merchandise to be sent to a location in England. Did research into others experiences and discovered the domain was owned by abuse(at) (The company was allegedly headquartered in Copenhagen).

Darrell –

Victim Location 63118

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by Alicia Mears for management opportunity to work in KC Mo. or via computer in St.Louis. I was introduced to Daniel Ellis as my training manager and sent daily material to learn and test each Friday for four weeks. And if pass to go to New York one week for additional training, $2000 for passing four week course. $4000 if I were to manage to be in top tear and do possible side work. After two weeks of testing given opp to make additional $400 wkly making purchases for a Europe office opening soon. Then the use of my credit card came into play, Of course not using my own money and they would use a third party to deposit the money! I’ve worked industries that sent me loaded credit cards but never my own. I thought I would be searching for items that would be purchased but not exactly by me. Scam! From day one I was hoping that it wasn’t. I have all the emails saved. This is just one of the first sent.



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