association for police first responders

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Troy –

Victim Location 66204

Type of a scam Charity

First contacted by phone by this supposed charity. Which may be a charity, though shows several red flags as a scam. They called me first and stated that they could not send me any info by mail unless I committed to a pledge first over the phone. The person I spoke with over the phone said they did not have a website set up yet, and when I suggested that it sounds like a scam, he got very upset. He said he would send me the info anyway, and when I did get it I noticed several things. The website had apparently been set up, and on the "appeal" sent it shows I have donated before, which I have not. The home page is nothing more than the first document they sent in the mail. There is a section on the website to "register to vote," asking for all the info you probably don’ want them to have. They already had my address and phone number though. I searched the for the charity name and the supposed parent organization, Heroes United, and no charity exists in their database. This may or may not even be a scam, though it showed too many red flags to not report. Website says their in washington DC and pledge letter lists po box in Wisconsin. do they have a Telemarketer or professional fundraising company working for them?



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