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Amelia –

Victim Location 66007

Total money lost $46.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw the offer on facebook and bought for my fiance, because valentines is a special date and the woman loves received a gift, but I didn’t expected that the order were a scammed! I hoped received the product until I read the email about this and others company with the false promises.

Kendra –

Victim Location 98129

Total money lost $162

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Mrs Shantelle Deacon & Mr Samuel Anthony Golding

Fiz uma compra no site da empresa, a data de envio era de 15-20 dias, mas ninguem me encaminhou nada, solicitei por email o motivo da demora e ninguem retorno e entao recebi um email informando que fui enganado, que essa empresa nao existe.

I made a purchase on the company’s website, the shipping date was 15-20 days, but no one sent me anything, I requested by email the reason for the delay and no return, and then I received an email informing that I was deceived, that this company does not exist.

Amanda –

Total money lost $53.64

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I did not receive anything from what I ordered. I ordered a necklace that should have taken only 15-18 days but I’ve been waiting for way over a month now. I paid 53.64$ after it said it should have been around 40.00$ even after converting the money from Canadian to American dollars.

Brendan –

Victim Location 07407

Total money lost $41.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a Natural Pearl Heart Cage Necklace for $37.00 plus $4.95 shipping on 02/16/2018. I never received the product, emailed customer support several times and was told my order will be shipped. I received an email from an old employee of the company stating that this company was a scam and that I will never receive the product.

Jonathan –

Victim Location 97006

Total money lost $34.55

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an add on Facebook for their natural pearl heart cage necklace, I saw that it was a well set-up and secure website so I decided to go ahead a buy it as a gift. I ordered it on Feb. 19, I got a confirmation email on my purchase with a receipt, and order number #AS6194. It is now March 30th and I haven’t received anything and Im getting no replies to any of the emails I have sent asking for a tracking number or a delivery date. I wrote a comment on their page in hopes of a response when someone responded to me explaining that it was a scam. So now here I am reporting them and trying to find a way to get my money back.

Shawna –

Victim Location 65305

Total money lost $37

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ashley stones has a sale for Valentine’s Day. It was a pearl necklace that you open the oyster yourself and put it together. I ordered it on Valentine’s Day and emailed them with no response.



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