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Jessie –

Victim Location 10453

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Investment

So I saw videos of supposely help people flip there money. So I was interested so i reached out to her. I invested in 200 dollars to flip. I sent it first thru Western Union to Roumelia Stewart on Weds.So she menchanting that i had to pay a recieving fee which was 399 i told her i only had 300 i can send it the next day because of my daily limit and atm fees. She said thats fine so the next day i recieve a screen shot of a western union pending. So i send the 300 to the same person Roumelia Stewart. Then i ask her for the reference number then she tells me i have to pay a delivery fee thats when i was like wait i just paid a receiving fee. So I told her I didn’t want to go thru with it anymore requested my money back she said it already proceesed and i couldn’t get it back



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