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Johnathan –

Victim Location 63366

Type of a scam Employment

Screened me briefly (no ss # or personal info) and got back to me about a week later saying my 1st assignment was arriving USPS as a secret shopper. It did, as Charles Collins said. The envelope contained a check of $2,540 and instructions telling me to deposit the check from their sponsor or cash it out, then take $250 as my fee and observe 2 Money Gram store outlets near me. I was to send $1,100 plus $90 as moneygram fee to 2 people that were named on the letter. Of course, they gave me instructions on what to look for as a mystery shopper, including the 8 digit moneygram reference number…On the top of the letter, they used a name of a service, which upon looking this up, there is such a legitimate service, but they changed it up to look like theirs. There were a couple different names involved in this, including a return label on my envelope from a Chicago Community Bank.



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