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Angela –

Victim Location 13037

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received an email on 12/14/18 stating that I submitted an education application. They wanted me to apply to a school and apply for financial aid.

This company has sent me 4 emails to date The first email wanted me to respond but my daughter told me not to do it. After receiving a second email, I contacted the BBB. I also completed some initial research but I couldn’t find any way of contacting them other than the email address they sent to me. It appears they only have my email address because they don’t address me in any other manner. (Unfortunately I have been scammed before and had my identity stolen. I don’t think it will ever stop).

Overall, I have received 4 emails dated, 12/14/18, 12/15/18, 12/16/18, & 12/17/18. I didn’t open the last 2 emails.

Here is a copy of the contents for 2 of the 4 emails I did receive:

Email 1:

From: "Jenny Miller" Subject: Please Respond – Application request


Hello ,

The information you’ve applied for in regards to returning to school has been announced!

Go here to register and and wait for the response.

If you qualify for these grants they do not need to be paid back upon graduation. They are not loans.


Jenny Miller

Account manager

Archix Group PO Box 10188 #14727, , Newark, NJ, US 07101 To update or remove your contact information please Manage Your Subscription.

Not opened:

Email #3 Subject: Review Request –

Email #4 Subject: Please Open – 12/18/18



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