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Tyrone –

Victim Location 11223

Total money lost $15,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

While Appocta’s website makes them seem as though they are a reputable company that believes in quality assurance, I assure you that is far from the truth. They make promises and use words to make you think you will be getting what you expect, but it is only words. They took $15,000 from me and gave me nothing in return after almost a year of working and pouring my heart into a project. They have become unresponsive with emails and refuse to work together. Instead they send me an email to break the contract. I strongly discourage you from going into business with them even if their prices seem to beat the cost other companies tell you. You won’t get what you expect and on top of that you will end up spending double to then have to develop it with another company. The money I set aside for my project came from my own pocket and it was all I had. That didn’t stop them from screwing me over. I never leave negative reviews, but I feel it is my obligation to warn against this company. Their entire company is a scam.

Lie #1: They say they work in NJ. They do not really have offices in NJ – this is all just a front. Their developers work in other countries and they have lied to me on several occasion about that. I have asked for in person meetings and they never oblige; instead they give me the run around.

Lie #2: They had promised me that I would receive a quality app. When I had a chance to look at the code with others proficient in this field it was apparent that whoever developed the app is an amateur with little experience. It looks on the outside that everything works, but the backend is a mess and the actual functionality will never work. This isn’t simply an issue with a bug that can get fixed, this is an issue with the entire infrastructure of the app.

Lie #3: They promised that they would return me the money and then never followed through with that promise. Instead they now have their lawyer emailing me that they are terminating the contract but that didn’t stop them from keeping my $15,000

Lie #4: They will always make you feel like they are on your side and shower you with kind words, but there is no kindness in this company – I assure you!

When asked who their CEO is, they refused to give me the name. What sort of reputable company hides the names of the people who work for the company. You will find little to nothing about them on social media.

Please please be warned and I implore you to let others know so that they don’t get taken just as I have. I run a non profit organization about kindness. They know this and they also know that I am working with limited funds. They kept making me feel that they believe so wholeheartedly in my mission, but it was just words. I don’t want to break people’s faith in humanity, I will continue to believe in the good of people but it is important to warn against people who prey on others. They knew I don’t have technical expertise and they took advantage of that. Please be warned and share with others so they don’t fall prey to this unethical company.

I have a detailed account of the entire situation that happened. Attached is the initial email I received.



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