Applehead Chihuahuas and United Pet Carriers

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Preston –

Victim Location 33324

Type of a scam Online Purchase

1. Webpage was found.

2. Liked/desired dog was identified.

3. Email communication started back and forth.

4. Payment was required and it was needed to be via Western Union

5. Scammer provided two payment recipients. Initially the recipient details were as follows: David Mabin, Austin TX, amount US$500. Scammer rectified recipient payment details and the right one was: Thomas Marrell, Dallas Texas, Zip code: 75201, amount: US$500. Western Union transfer was performed to the last recipient details.

6. Scammer contacted back requesting an extra US$1,200 in order to ship the dog in optimal conditions via air freight and claiming they will refund US$1,140.

7. We requested a written document from the shipper ensuring this was going to occur and this was not a scam.

8. Scammer took about 1 hour to issue a fake document (attached here). In the meantime, we realized this was a scam.

9. We contacted bank and Western Union and we cancelled the transaction in 100%.

10. Happy endind!. We recovered our money and the scammer was contacting us via text messages, etc inquiring about what was going on.

11. We fully stopped communication with scammer and did not reply back at all.



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