Apple Support-ICloud- IMPOSTOR

Check Apple Support-ICloud- IMPOSTOR reviews to see if it is legit.

Katelyn –

Victim Location 77067

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Phishing

I received phone call and company advised they were with Apple Support and my ICloud account had been compromised. My McAfee security account was deleted/removed and they advised I needed to get $*** Google Play Card to restore my account. I attached copy of email regarding the $***. They were able to transfer mney from one account to checking account

Had 27 hackers and something call Bad Limit $***.** and if I use my bank cards or online/off line the hackers would take anything less than $***. Yes, I’m out of pocket, but I called the bank and they cancelled my on line banking and required to open up new accounts, checking, saving. The bank recommended I file police report, advise driver license, credit reporting, etc. I also advised Apple and provided emails the scammer provided so Apple Phisling group can review. I have since reinstalled my McAfee.

This has been quite an experience. Please inform the community to be careful.



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