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Carlos –

Victim Location 33139

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Tech Support

While using safari my I phone 7 crashed and a pop screen suggested me to call a 1(800) number for apple to fix the problem.

I did dial the given number and I was greeted by a person that identify himself as a apple technician and that in order to fix the problem with the phone i needed to by a $100.00 apple y tunes gift card which I did, -and that I would be reenbursed of the money immediately after the phone fixed.

Once in posecion of the gift card number the "technician" said there was 5 ports infected and that I needed to by five more $100.00 gift card in order to fix the problem, which I did.

Once in possession of the six gift card numbers he transferred me to the "billing dept" to get the refund.

From the "billing dept" I was told that because it was a international money transfer they coul only do it in a minimum amount of $1,100.00 and for that reason I needed to buy and give them de number of five more $100.00 gift cards, and that’s when I realized it was a scam.



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