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Haley –

Victim Location 62035

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I’m June of last year I started to notice transactions from my bank account the statement said it was coming from APL ITUNES I thought maybe my card was stolen reported it and filed for a new one but as soon as I activated the new one the same thing happened a couple weeks later back to back I canceled my card over four times until I just switched banks recently the same thing has happed at this bank I’ve contacted Apple Customer service because I do own Apple products they said they can not fine my card I’m the system and that it’s not even connected to my iTunes account which is correct because I never linked it to my iTunes account and never bought anything from the Apple store so they said they couldn’t help me I contacted my bank they refunded the money a few times but it continues to happen so I just shut down all my cards and the problem stopped my bank sent me a new card in the mail I wait a month before activating it I had no money in the account so nothing was taken the moment I put money in the account I see transactions from the same place I call the bank again and they say they see denied transactions due to insufficient funds so some how someone was able to know when the card was activated but didn’t know it was no funds in the account so I think maybe my identity has been stolen since the same problem followed me to a new bank but then the same thing has happened to my friend but he has a prepaid debit card for work and he also continues to get money taken out and he doesn’t know how either we both stay in the Godfrey Alton Illinois area and swipe our cards in this area



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