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Jacquelyn –

Victim Location 37064

Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer claimed to have accessed victim’s computer and ‘stumbled across’ adult video clips. Scammer claimed to have setup a malware on the clips allowing them to collect contacts from the victim’s messenger, social networks and email. Scammer demanded $3200 in bitcoin or they would send the clips to all the victim’s contacts. Scammer claimed to have a ‘special pixel’ in the email allowing them to know when the email was read and saying now only had a day to pay.

The most concerning issue was that he listed my password to 5 different accounts in the email, so he had to have hacked into one of them…

Here is the amount to be sent and the address:

Amount to be paid: $ 3200

Receiving Bitcoin Address: 1AzmTc9VGbY*JiBtRcjncNj4kATB35EicCF ( You need to Remove * from this string then note it carefully)



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